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Multi-Country Store App

This app allows you to open a multi-country online store with a dedicated domain or sub-domain for every country, and you can set product prices, special prices, and discounts for every country separately.

The following features are available in the app:

When you enable the app you can add multiple countries to your store.
Specify a default currency and a dedicated domain or sub-domain for every country.
On the product edit page, you can specify prices, special prices, and discounts for each country separately and in the currency selected for that country.

Once you have installed the app, you will be able to access its settings which includes:

Status: Make sure that the app status is enabled.

Enable change currency: When enabled, the currency will automatically change based on the country you have set.

Redirect to the country domain: When enabled, customers will be automatically redirected to the subdomain assigned to their country.

Add all products to the new domain: Enable this option to add all the products to the added domain.

To add a new domain, click on the add button

The following page will be displayed.

Make sure that the domain is enabled.

Insert the domain name depending on the country, then specify the default currency and the country.

The subdomain has been added.

You must add the subdomain through the DNS Management section in your service provider’s settings dashboard.

Access the domain settings for your store, then add a new record.

In the Hostname field, type the subdomain name. For example (eg)

In the IP field, write the name of your store's IP, then click on the Save button.

Also, you will need to add the sub-domains on your store in the domains section by going to (Settings) then the domains.

When a customer is accessing your store, they will be directed to the subdomain related to the country they are in, and the currency, prices, and discounts for that particular domain will be displayed.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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