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Messenger Chatbot App

This app will let you link your store with your Facebook page to have a chatbot that answers your customers' inquiries and reach out to customers that comment on your posts automatically with auto-replies you can create through the app. Let your future customers know more about your store's special offers, categories, your recently added products, and more. Increase your sales and reach your customers easily now!

In this article, we will guide on:

Linking the Facebook page
Creating a reply

With ExpandCart you will be able to create auto-replies and apply them on your Facebook page with one click once you link your Facebook Page and create your auto-replies:

Whenever customers contact your Facebook page, the chatbot will answer them in no time without creating auto-replies since the Chatbot will have access to your store's products and special offers once you apply it on your Facebook page:

Linking the Facebook page:

Once we install the app, we will be redirected to its settings, we will connect it with the Facebook account that has access to the page we want to link:

After connecting the Facebook account, all pages associated with the connected account will be listed and you can choose which one to connect with it and set it as default:

Creating a reply:

We will click on that button to create an auto-reply:

When clicking on the "Create Reply" you will have the following fields to fill to create an auto-reply: 

You can activate the status of the reply by referring to the switch located in the top-right corner.

1- You can set a name for the notification as a reference for you.

2- You can make it get applied on all posts or select a post through the drop-down menu.

3- The reply type; in each reply, you have the option to add a button and type it in each language activated on the store.

Reply Types:

1-Store link to start shopping: You can send a link to the customer that comments that redirects to one of the store's pages, and you can add buttons that redirect to a category or a specific product and more by clicking on "Add Button" as well as writing the reply in each language activated on the store:

2- Free text: Unlike the first type, you have the freedom here to add a URL link directly, you can add buttons to this option as well.

3- images and videos: You can upload an image or video from your device through this type:

4- Direct product checkout link: this type if you want to send the customer a link for a product directly, you will be able to select the product through the drop-down menu:

5- Link to preview a specific category’s products: To show the customer the items in one of the store's categories:

6- Link to preview a specific Brand’s products: You can show the customer the items of a specific brand as follows:

You will be able to navigate between the created replies easily in order to edit them or delete them:

Remember to get back to the app's main page and apply the auto-replies on your store Facebook page as follows:

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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