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Knawat - new integration version

Start dropshipping fashion products on your store effortlessly through Knawat Dropshipping App!

In this article, we will guide you on:

Create a Knawat account and integrate it with your store
Adding & Managing products
App settings
Manage orders

Standing out with thousands of high-quality products. Knawat provides you with a massive online catalog, a variety of products to choose from, and gives you the opportunity to start your business or grow your existing company risk-free. All products are offered at wholesale cost. The cost you see is what you pay, even in small quantities. You have the freedom to choose the price your customers pay based on your desired profit margin. This allows you to be competitive in your niche and build your marketing strategy. Importing products to your online store takes just minutes to be done. Simply search for the products you want, click “import” and here they are. All the products and their details will instantly be in your store.

Create a Knawat account and integrate it with your store

To create a Knawat account, we will open the following page and sign up normally or through Google/Facebook account instead:

Once the account is created, go to the Knawat app in ExpandCart and click on the following button:

A new window will pop up, in that window paste the code you copied from the app and click on Create after choosing the warehouse:

After doing that, the integration will be done successfully and you will be redirected to the Catalog page or you can open the Knawat tab you registred through and refresh it to go to the catalog:

Adding & Managing products

Referring to the Proudcts Catalog add products by clicking on Select product below each product. After selecting the products click on Import shown in the following screenshot:

When importing for the first time, you will be asked to set your profit percentage or you can go to the settings and set it from there, the default percentage is 70%, in Knawat orders, you will pay for the order and its shipping fees because by default when your customers purchase Knawat products there will be no shipping methods displayed or shipping fees to be paid (Unless you edited each imported product through its settings), please keep that in mind while providing your profit percentage:

The added products from the catalog will appear in the Push Products section. Each one can be imported individually or selected and sent by clicking on the Push Products button after selecting the products:

When you delete a product from knawat, it will be deleted from your store automatically. If you want to modify a product or review its page on your storefront, you can refer to the following two buttons:

Upon clicking on the edit button, you will be directed to the product settings page on ExpandCart.

App settings

Product Management: You can click on "Update Imported Products” if the percentage of profit has changed or if you want to restore the original data of the imported products.

Order Automation: You can track orders for Knawat products and choose the order status in which you want to send the order to Knawat to be processed.

Remember to press the Save button, and please note that an order cannot be completed and sent to Knawat if the payment method chosen by the customer is Cash on Delivery. Customers have to provide the address in detail including the postcode/zip code, make sure to make it mandatory to place an order.

Manage orders:

After customers place an order and choose any payment method except COD (Cash On Delivery) the order will appear on the orders page in ExpandCart so you can review it and update its status and the order will be sent to Knawat to be fulfilled automatically, you will be able to check the orders in your Knawat account as well through the following section:

Once you open the order, you can add the customer's address and then pay for the order so it gets shipped to the customer directly. You can access the same page through the application also through the following button:

If you cancel an order from Knawat, it will reflect on the store too. Finally, please note that in order for the order to be sent to Knawat, the order must contain the address, zip code, region, and country, so make sure that these fields are required to complete the order.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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