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Integration With TrustRol App, Social Proof Notifications, Sales Pop, Promotion pop-ups

Increase Sales using Social Proof Notifications, Sales Pop, Promotion pop-ups, and more with TrustRol.

In this article, we will guide you on how to:

Integrate TrustRol into your store
Use cases 

When people visit your website, they will see small tiny popups showing other people also using your website. They feel more likely to use your website. TrustRol increases conversions by ~15% at least.


Increase signup and purchase conversions by showing recent orders and active users on your website.
TrustRol uses the fear of missing out by showing other visitors taking action on your website.
New users trust more if they see that other people are also using and taking action on your website
Users tend to spend more and discover other products easily when they see TrustRol on your website
Integrate TrustRol into your store:

1- You will access this page to create an account

2- Once you create the account providing your email address, please open the "Apps & Services" page to find the app and install it, then you will enable its status as follows:

3- To get the Pixel Code, to paste it in its field before clicking on the save button, you need to get it from TrustRol by following the steps shown in the below screenshot to create a campaign:

4-After typing the store name and your domain (Your store URL link) and you will have the option to include the Subdomains if you have and make them in one campaign, once you create it, the Pixel Code can be found as follows:

5- Now after you have enabled the app and provided the Pixel Code, you can click on the campaign and add the notification you want as follows:

Use cases:

- Creating a pop-up/notification for customers letting them know about a coupon that available in the store:

1- After clicking on Create Notification button, whenever clicking on one of the options you will be able to preview it:

2- After selecting it, you can create one by scrolling down and pressing the "Create" button:

3- Through the Basic Settings, you can name the Notification and put its title as well as the description etc. (Please make sure that the coupon code works properly and activated)

4- The triggers section, you can make it appear on all pages or disable the first option and add the pages you want the notification to appear on:

Through the display section, you can adjust the display duration and location:

And, you can change the pop-up style through this section:

5- Remember to click on the update button once you're done, you will be previewing it while setting it up:

You can enable/disable the notification through this button inside the campaign page:

Finally, it will look like that from the customer's end:

You can open the notification settings at any time and bring changes to it, you will be able to check its statistics through this section:

- Establish social proof by showing how many recent conversions you've got:

1- To create this kind of notification/pop-up, we will open the campaign page and then create a new notification to select this type to be created:

2- In this type of notification, we will need to provide TrustRol with more data so it appears to customers:

3- You can add as many variables as you want, the following screenshot shows an example of that: 

4- You can check it after submitting it and create more: 

5- Depends on the variables you set, you can choose how many to be shown to the customer and adjust the rest of the basic settings to suits the data you imported, and then type the Notification content using the variables you set as shortcodes as shown below:

Once you set the display time and everything, the variables imported as data will be used to make the notification appear like this to the customers based on the settings you set:

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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