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Integration With PayThem App

PayThem is a technology company specializing in electronic voucher distribution software solutions for vouchers, recharge cards, gift cards. You can import them to your store and your customers will be able to purchase them effortlessly.

Firstly, before registering a standard account through this page, you will need to make sure to enable the mail server so PayThem app works properly:

To be a reseller/dropshipper and purchase items on a regular basis, a Reseller wallet is needed, The wallet can be topped up via credit card or bank transfer and then be used to purchase items as needed or complete the integration with ExpandCart. Click to read more about the Gift Card Reseller Wallet  

Applying for the reseller wallet is the way to get the APIs needed and integrate your store with PayThem and start importing products, you will need to submit an application first through this page to register a reseller account, make sure to select ExpandCart while filling the application:

Once you submit the application and the reseller account is created, you can contact PayThem to get the App Id, Public key, private key to fill them, make sure to enable the app's status, regarding the Time Zone it should be written in the following format (Continent/country) such as (Africa/Egypt) and (Qatar/Asia):

Once you fill in the data and save them, you can now import your products on PayThem through the following button:

Once a customer purchase one of the imported products, an email will be sent to the customer including the voucher or the gift card automatically once it's paid, it will reflect directly on your PayThem's account. Please note that customers need to pay in pre-paid payment methods such as credit cards, COD, and offline payments are not accepted.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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