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Integration With E-Butler App: Monitor and manage your sales order

In this article, we will guide you on how to integrate your store with your E-Butler account and how to make it works properly. Please keep in mind that E-Butler works only in Qatar.

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Required steps before the integration
Integrate your store
Use E-Butler
Required steps before the integration:

1- Enable the delivery slots app so E-Butler works properly, to know how to make enable the app, please visit this delivery slots app article in the help center.

2- The three following fields: Building number, Sreet number, and Zone number, have to be required so E-Butler works properly, how to do so? We will need to install the Quick Checkout Page App first, then we will follow the below steps:

We will access the "Custom Fields" section in the app and then click on the "Add Custom Field" button:

We will set the field type (Text) as well as the checkout section (Shipping address) and then we will type the field title:

After adding the three fields following the previous step, we will go to the "Shipping address" Section and make the three fields required as follows:

Integrate your store:

After getting the API Key from E-Butler support, you will fill it in its field and then make sure to enable its status as well as the orders you want to be sent to E-Butler, you can select one status or select the "All" option if you want all of the orders to be sent to E-Butler:

Then, before clicking on the "Save" button, we will match the status of the store's orders with one of the E-Butler's statuses and we will match the three required fields as per the title we set for them:

Use E-Butler:

You will be able to check your orders' stats and the latest orders through the dashboard:

You can access these tabs to get detailed updates and stats about each of them and add more to them:

You can access the following tab for your branches list, you can add a branch easily and fill its data and it will be listed immediately:

Managing your orders through E-Butler goes beyond that, you can set the delivery drivers profiles and give them access and set password and username for them as well as assigning branch or more to them:

Finally, make sure to check your E-Butler's notifications, it will provide you with the latest updates and important events:

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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