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How to set the sellers/merchants billing system: subscription, commission, or a listing price for each product and the financial settings

Subscription System

in order to activate the subscription system, go to settings then subscription system and make sure "Enabled Paid Subscription System " is enabled 

PayPal Email: Through this box, you can add PayPal account email of the store manager who will receive the merchant's subscriptions

Bank Data: Through this box you can add the bank account data of the store manager so will receive the merchant's subscriptions

MasterCard:The store manager's MasterCard data is added to receive subscriptions in this option.

You can then add the subscription plans through: 

Subscription sytem then insert

Title:This is the name of the subscription plan

 subscription and write the name on the other listed languages

Description: Through this tap, you can write a description of this subscription 

Status: enable or disable the subscribtion plan

Price: the value of the subscription plan

Maximum product count:the number of products the seller can add

Payment Method:Determine the payment for the seller’s subscription plan, to be daily, monthly or yearly

After the complete adding all information pressed at save icon

After adding th subscription plans, they will appear for the seller after the registration to choose from them as shown below


Within this section there are the records of payments made between the store and sellers, that is, after the seller chooses the subscription plan and completes the payment process, that payment process will appear here

manual payouts can be added by the store manager by pressing insert

after pressing insert you'll find the following page:

1- from: It is the account that will make the payment, and you can choose your store or the account of one of the sellers registered in the application.

2-To: It is the account that will receive the payment, and you can choose your store or the account of one of the sellers registered in the application.

3- Type: There are four types of transactions:

-Subscription fee: The fee paid by the seller for subscribing to one of the subscription plans.

-Listing Fee: It is the fee that the seller pays for listing a product.

-Manual payment: It is any fee that is done hand in hand between the seller and the store manager, whether it is from the seller to the store or vice versa.

- Payment request: It is the request made by the seller to withdraw his balance or profits from the store.

4- Amount: It is the amount that will be paid in the payment process, and it is in the default currency of the store.

5- Payment method: There are only two options: seller's balance or PayPal.

6- Paid: When this option is activated, this process will be considered paid, whether by PayPal, bank transfer or hand in hand.

7- Deducted from the balance: When this option is activated, the amount will be deducted from the seller's balance.

8- Description: A description, comment or note on the payment process is entered in this field.

Seller Transactions

It is a simplified report that displays all the transactions of each seller during a specified period.


From here you can see all the transactions of sellers in the store, and this section differs from "sellers transactions" as here you can't filter the transactions by date and seller name , a new transaction can be added manually by the store manager, and the listed transaction must be between different sellers among those registered in the store .

1- From: whom the seller determines the source of the transaction, and who will be deducted the amount from his balance.

2- To: determine the seller to whom the amount will be added to his balance.

3- Amount: The amount of the transaction process.

4- Description: A description is added to the transaction.


You can control the finanes from settings then fincances 

1- Fund statuses: Through this option, a balance will be added in the seller’s account and orders will appear in his dashboard ,and an email alerting the seller will be sent when creating or transferring the order status to the cases added in this option.

2- Charge statuses: Through this option, the seller’s account balance will be debited if the orders are in one of these cases, knowing that the order will disappear from the seller’s dashboard when the order status is one of the added cases.

3- Allow Payout Requests: To allow sellers to request profits from selling their products

4-Payout waiting period: to specify the number of days the seller must wait after the order date to claim his profits, i.e. when and Set the value to 2, the seller can request payment for profit for orders older than 2 days and cannot claim profit for orders later than that, a value of zero means no waiting period.

5- Minimum Payout Amount: To determine the minimum profit that the seller can request.

6- Allow partial payouts: to allow the seller to request partial payments from his earnings.

7- Paypal address: to add the Paypal address of the store manager for listing fees and subscriptions.

8- PayPal Sandbox mode: Through this option, PayPal is placed in trial mode, and in this mode, the payment process will be tested only without any fees or sums being collected from the seller.

Updated on: 23/02/2023

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