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How to create an email on sendinblue to send customers notifications and marketing campaigns

Sendinblue is one of the best websites that provide mail services to send your customers emails with marketing campaigns and notifications (and the marketing campaigns that can be created through your ExpandCart's dashboard>>Marekting>>Campaigns). It's worth mentioning that sendinblue has an excellent free plan that can suit all of your needs. Please follow the below steps to create an account and link it with your store easily:

1- Enter sendinblue and click on "Sign Up" to create a new account:

2-After providing your email address and phone number you will be redirected to verify your phone number, therefore, please make sure to type them correctly:

3- After verifying the phone number, you will be redirected to the following page to choose a plan:

4- Now after creating an account and choosing a plan. Through sendinblue dashboard go to the "Senders & IP" to link your domain, if you don't have one, please skip this step. To know what domain is, you can check this article.

Then click on "Add a new domain" after choosing "Domains":

A list of records that need to be added to your domain's DNS settings will be displayed, after adding each record please click on "RECORD ADDED. PLEASE VERIFY IT":

If the domain was bought from ExpandCart you can access the DNS settings from here.

5- After adding the domain, go to the dashboard and click on "SMTP & API" as follows:

6- Then select SMTP, leave this tab opened, and then go to your ExpandCart dashboard to access the "E-Mail Notifications" through the "Settings" and paste the SMTP information indicated in the following screenshot:

You will copy the SMTP data and paste it into the following fields and make sure to select SMTP in the Mail Protocol field.

Now to activate the SMTP, go to the "Transactional" section through sendinblue dashboard. You will need to contact their customer service team first you can do so by referring to the button highlighted below in the following screenshot:

Once the SMTP is activated properly from sendinblue end. You can test it by sending an email through the "Marketing">>"Campaigns", then check the email inbox you sent the email to:

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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