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How to create a Facebook business account and a Facebook shop

You need to have a Facebook business account for many reasons such as linking your WhatsApp and your Facebook shop with your store.

In this article we will guide you on:

How to create a Facebook Business account
How to create a Facebook store
How to link your Instagram with the Facebook account
How to create a Facebook Business account:

Go to this page, then click on (Create Account)

You will be directed to the following page, Enter your store name, your name, and your email address.

Now, we will create a catalog to link our products with.

Go to (, then click on (Create catalog)

Select your catalog Type (E-commerce)

Then choose the upload method: upload product info, and catalog owner, and name, then click on create.

How to create a Facebook store:

Easily sell your products through a store that customers can access on Facebook and Instagram. Customers can purchase products on your site or directly on Facebook or Instagram. Connect an existing catalog or create a new one to add, promote, and sell your products. From the same page, go to Shops.

Then click next to continue

Select the method by which the customer can complete the order. Either directed to your store / or the sale takes place through Facebook and Instagram / or the customer is directed to the conversations section of your Facebook business account. We will choose the first choice:

Now you will be asked to create a page to display and promote your products.

Choose the page category.

Choose your business and account name, to become the page name, your name, and your email address, then click on Submit

The following page is showing that the page is now being reviewed by Facebook management and will be published after the completion of the review process.

How to link your Instagram with the Facebook account:

You can link Instagram with your Facebook account by clicking here.

By doing so, your Facebook account is linked to Instagram, and your products are shown to the public on both platforms.

You can control your products and how they are displayed and the ability to amend them to the desired display format whether on Facebook or Instagram.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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