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Floor Martials app

If you sell floor materials for homes and buildings, enable your customers from entering room measurements and get the price and meters calculated.

The following features are available in the app:

Customers will be able to specify room measurements.
The amount needed will be auto-calculated, and the price too.
All info is available for customers and stores admin to review.

How to set up the app settings:

All you need to do in the app settings is to make sure that the status is enabled and specify the Default Measurement Unit (Centimeter or Meter)

How to setup measurements on the product page

When you go to the products section to add a new product, you can add all product details normally such as (product name, description, price, and photos)

You will notice that a new section has been added to the product page which is (Price per meter)

You can insert all the data related to the meter price, unit size, and percentage added to the price by filling these fields and making sure that the options you want to activate are enabled.

Make sure to save the changes after entering all the required information.

The product will be reflected as shown below on your storefront.

Customers then click on the (Click to edit dimension) button and they will be able to insert these measurements.

The following page will be displayed for the customer to enter the dimensions.

And the price will be calculated automatically.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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