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eBay Dropshipping

eBay is one of several platforms you can start dropshipping from through ExpandCart. eBay is one of the most famous and hugest marketplaces in the world where you can buy & sell electronics, cars, clothes, collectibles, and even more. Imagine benefiting and enabling your customers to buy more unique products from top brands in your store.

This article includes:

Installing and setting up eBay dropshipping
Application settings
Importing products
Customer's interface 
Processing eBay orders

Installing and setting up eBay dropshipping

Firstly, go to the eBay dropshipping app so you can create the eBay developer credentials which are needed to be able to use the app:

Click on the above button and you will be redirected to this page to create an eBay developer account:

Sign-up normally and then you will receive an email to confirm the email address:

Then it will 1-2 days to get approved from eBay's end:

Once the account is approved, sign in again and get the needed information from this page after entering an application title as follows and then create a keyset:

Then fill the app on your ExpandCart store with them:

Now you have the keys, go to the app once again to fill each in its field, then set a username below, and create a token as shown in the following screenshot, and don't forget to enable and save the settings for sure:

Status: The app status should be enabled to use the app.

Complete order status: It is to determine the status of the order when it is completed. To differentiate between store orders and eBay orders in the reports, it is preferable to choose default.

Dropship user group:  It is for specifying the group of administrators who have the authority to use the application and to be able to import products from eBay. You can add and edit the user groups from the dashboard through settings>> users & permissions.

Username: It is the username that will be used in the extension. You can add any username but make sure only English letters and numbers are applicable.

Token: It is the password or code that will be used in the extension. You can click on the Create Code button shown in the previous screenshot to create your own code immediately.

After installing the eBay dropshipping app and completing the installing process mentioned above, please open an up-to-date Google Chrome browser and install the following extension:

Go to the eBay website and click and open any of the categories pages, as the extension will only work when you open the categories page:

Click on the installed extension as follows and then Update Authentication details:

Type your store domain as follows:

The next step is to fill out your eBay username:

As outlined previously, you can create them from these fields on the app:

Once you save the changes on the app and add the username and the token to the extension the integration part will be done successfully and you will receive the following message: 

Now you have followed the above procedures, the app is ready to be used normally, but let us check the rest of the settings to make sure that everything goes as you prefer before importing any products.

Application settings

Language for imported products: To set the language in which the product data will be imported, you can choose all of the available languages.

Default Quantity of imported products: To specify the quantity of the product that you want to import, it is preferable to write 20, as leaving it empty will disable the importation process.

The profit that added to product price (%): It is the percentage of profit that will be added to the imported product's original price which is your profit as a drop shipper.

Price: To select the price of the imported products, if the maximum option is chosen, the highest price of the product will be the product's selling price in your store.

Default weight: To determine the default weight of the imported products.

Default weight class: Select the unit you prefer.

Direct to store status: It is the status of the products when they are imported from eBay to your store, It is preferable to choose Enabled so that the product will appear on the storefront after importing it.

Remove Keywords: Specify the keyword that you want to remove when importing products from eBay.

ebay Orders:

From here, you can view the orders created by customers, and you can click on the cart button as shown below And it will redirect you to eBay site and complete the order for the customer

You can add the item to cart or Buy It now to complete the order for the customer 

a pop up will appear where you can write the customer's info as shown below and complete the order

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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