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Discount Mass App

Apply or remove a mass discount on a category or selected group of products without editing each on its own page. This app makes it easy to apply a discount on a group of products without having to do it on products one by one. 


Select products using name, tag, model, category, brand, and more
Select products by price range, discount price range, and quantity
Review the selected products before applying the discount
Apply discounts and special prices on the selected products

In this article we will let you know how to install the app and use it in a few simple steps:

Firstly, install the app by accessing the "Apps & Services" page and searching for the app to find it, and opening its page as follows"

Secondly, once you install the app, you can search for the items through the normal or advanced search to select the items you want to apply a mass discount on them, once you select the items please click on the "Add Discount" button that shown below:

Thirdly, when you click on the "Add Discount" button, the following pop-up window will appear to adjust the discount:

1- Select the customer group you want the discount to be applied for.

2- The quantity of each item the discount will be available for.

3- Set the priority for the discounts you will apply if you're applying more than one (e.g this would be useful if you want to apply a different discount for each group or a different discount for different quantities):

4- The type of discount, once you select it you will be asked to set its value in the field below it.

5&6- The starting and ending date of the discount.

7- Select the domain you want the discount to be applied for if you have more than a sub-domain.

8-  Select whether to remove the old discounts applied on the selected items or adding the new discount to the old ones (If you want only to delete the discounts applied on the selected items you can choose the second option without adding any discount on the pop-up window)

9- Once you're done setting the preferred options, you click on that button to apply the mass discount on the spot.

Finally, remember that you can use the normal search or the advanced one to find the items before selecting them and adding the mass discount to them.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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