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Decoration Material Store App

If you sell materials for decoration, enable your customers from entering different measurements and get the price and meters calculated.

In this article:

How to install the app
App setup
Adding products and linking them with the sizes

The following features are available in the app:

Customers will be able to specify different measurements.
The amount needed will be auto-calculated, and the price too.
All info is available for customers and stores' admin to review.

**How to Install the app:**

Go to apps and services from your store dashboard

Search for Decoration Material Store App

Access the app and install it.

**App setup:**

The app setup page includes the following sections:

(Settings,  Available roll width, Insert Roll Width, Available Blocks, Insert Block)

Firstly, the settings:

Make sure that the app status is enabled.

You can control the calculation to be displayed on the same page instead of pop up by enabling this button.

You can insert the available roll width sizes by clicking on the (add Width) button.

Available blocks/ insert block

You can add blocks by clicking on the add block button.

Once you have inserted all the inputs required, click on the Save button.

**Adding products and linking them with the sizes:**

When adding a new product, you can add the product details normally, such as (name, description, price, and images)

In the curtains, the seller section will be added to the product page once the app is installed.

Make sure the status is enabled

You can specify whether this product is a roll or a specific piece.

Then specify the width and the price per square meter

You can add more sizing options and set a different price for each length by clicking the Add Price button.

Once you’re done, click on save, then click on the preview button to check how the product will be reflected on your customers' interface.

Customers can now insert the width and length, and the price will be displayed based on the inputs they have entered once they have click on the Calculate Cost button.

Updated on: 07/12/2022

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