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Customize order total App

In this article, we will outline how to adjust the view of the order total and enable/disable the functions related to the order total and the check-out page:

To install the app and use it, please go to the "Apps & Services" to find the app and install it.

When opening the app's page, you will be able to adjust how the total should be displayed on the check-out page and which to be activated or disabled. You will have the option to change the order (By dragging them) of the total and disable the ones you want to be hidden or inactive as shown in the following screenshot:

When ordering the total, the payments have to be above the discounts so the discounts get applied on the payments such as the sub-total (The items' price)

1- Sub-Total: The price of the items in the cart, will be enabled by default and can't be disabled and it has to be at the top so the discounts get applied and the payments get added to the total.

2- Total: This one is enabled by default too and can't be disabled since it shows the customer the final price shall be paid from their end.

3- Shipping: If enabled, customers will be able to check the used shipping method and its cost within the total of the order, if not enabled the shipping fees won't be added to the total.

4- Handling Fees: To apply the handling fees if it's available.

5- Payment method fees: To apply the payment method fees if it's applicable, you can do so through the payment method fees application.

6- Taxes: When activated, customers will check the tax amount within the order's total on the checkout page.

Please note that the above 6 points are the payments, the upcoming ones are the discounts and the miscellaneous which have to come below the payments in the order.

- You need to enable the 3 following options, so customers can use the reward points properly:

7- Reward points: If it's enabled, the customer can apply points if it's applicable on the selected products.

8- Earn points:  Display to customers on the checkout page amount of earned points when completing the order.

9- Redeem Points: The number of points applied to the order to be shown in the total.

10- Coupon: If enabled, customers will have a field to put the coupon code in it and check the discounted amount in the total.

11- Gift Vouchers: Let your customers use your store's vouchers on the checkout page.

12- Store Credit: When enabled, customers can use the store credit you're adding to their accounts.

13- Payment method discount: You can enable this so customers can check and get benefited from a payment method discount. You can apply the discount through the Quick Checkout Page App.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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