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Customize Contact Page App

This app allows you to customize the contact page to make the contact process more efficient and solve the customers' issues and address their inquiries in fewer replies:

Customers can access the page through the homepage's header by default as shown in the previous screenshot, you can change that by editing the store's design template and place it wherever it suits you the best.

Once you install the app, you will need to enable its status and provide the email address you want the forms that customers will fill to be sent to:

You will need to set Form Title (It will appear on the header with the name you set) and Form Description in each language activated on the store, now you have filled the main fields, you can add new fields by clicking on the blue button shown in the previous screenshot. When you add a field the following options will appear:

You can make the field mandatory for your customers to fill it to submit the request or they can leave it empty, after choosing the type of the field, you will have the option to set a name of the field in each language activated on your store. In the following screenshot you can find the used fields shown in the first screenshot of this article:

Finally, the form URL link is https://Your store domain or URL link/index.php?route=module/form_builder as shown in the following screenshot:

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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