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Custom Email Templates App

Customize emails that are being sent to your customers and provide all the info and look you need.

In this article we will outline the following sections:



Customize emails sent on all order status changes
Customize all other transactional emails sent from your store
Include selected products on any email template to promote them
Use any of our professional preset email templates or design your own
Add more recipients to any email to keep them informed

Firstly, to install the app we will refer to the "Apps & Services" tab in the dashboard to find the app and open its page to install it as follows:

Once we install it will have the following sections:


Type: Which is the type of template, whether it's for an order, return, affiliate, review, seller, etc.

Name: The name of the template used for the type specified beside it.

Template code: The code of the template, each template has its own unique code.

Status: To check the template's status whether it's disabled or enabled.

In order to edit one of the templates or enable it, we will refer to the following button:

Once you click on the edit button, the templates page will be opened and it will be shown as follow:

1- We will refer to its button in order to enable or disable the template.

2- To put the email addresses that should receive that template mails as a blind carbon copy.

3- For the products that you want to be shown in the email, you can set a limit for them as well.

1- The e-mail's subject

2- You can select one of the default templates and it will be shown in the below field.

3- In this field, you can type the template's content using shortcodes and CSS table IDs as well as any HTML content.

2- Settings:

We will have to different sections inside the setting tab, the first one:

1- To enable the app or disable it, if it's disabled the enabled templates won't be sent, this button has to be enabled so the app works.

2- To select the order statuses that the invoice number gets generated for.

3- To select which order statuses you want to attach the invoice to its emails.

4- The invoice template that will be attached to the emails, you will have more than an option to choose between.

5- If enabled, you can add email addresses that you want them to receive each template email was sent as a blind carbon copy.

6- If enabled, you will be able to check whether the customer opened the email or not and it will be added to the history.

Through the second section, you can adjust the layout such as the Date format and the background image as shown below:

Please make sure to save the changes referring to the following button:

3- History:

Through this section, you can check the history of the sent email templates as well as filtering them or removing all of them:

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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