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Convertedin App: Marketing Platform for Retailers that work in auto-pilot mode using AI

Convertedin is the first Customer Marketing Platform for Retailers that work in auto-pilot mode. they created a Customer Marketing Platform that unifies all customer data from different retailer touchpoints: Pixels, Mobile apps (via SDK), CRM Integration, APIs. Convertedin segments all these customers & their data using AI to create look-a-like audiences to expand your audiences, you will be able to create campaigns & optimize them on autopilot using AI. 

In this article, we will let you know how to:

Install the app and create an account
Setup Convertedin
Check and Create Ads/campaigns

Convertedin works through AI — An artificial intelligence system that saves you time managing campaigns or analyzing results to optimize your segmentation and targeting. You can easily boost your sales and get better ROI through retargeting old customers and building new potential ones – all that on autopilot mode. Convertedin allows you to create advertising campaigns through various sales channels like Google Ads, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and more!

Install the app and create an account:

Firstly, we will make sure that you integrated your marketing destinations already into your store through the "Marketing" tab as follows: 

Then we will access the "Apps and services" tab to find the app and open its page to install it as follows:

Then we will have to register an account through the following button:

All of the fields will be filled automatically except the name you will type it manually (You need to have your own domain to be able to use this app):

After clicking on the "Send" button, the login button will appear and we will click on it to open Convertedin's dashboard:

Setup Convertedin:

We will be redirected to the following page once we log in after we created the account to select the preferred language and click on the "Next" button: 

After clicking on the "Next" button, you will be redirected to pay for the subscription plan that suits you and there will be a discount applied especially for ExpandCart's customers! After connecting the ads accounts and choosing the preferring options, your Convertedin account will be ready and you will be able to use it and get benefitted from its exceptional features.

Check and Create Ads/campaigns:

To create an Ad or to check the ones made, we will refer to the following page:

The data sources that will be used can be accessed through the following tab:


Once you connect Convertedin to your data source, the tool begins the segmentation process, giving you an unlimited number of segments to use based on the size of your business. You can literally have 1,000+ segments for your business, allowing you to reach specific customers and generate more sales.

Segmentation is the process of dividing customers, users, buyers, or any type of people into groups or segments. Segmentation is looking at customers from an analysis and analytics perspective. This segmentation process helps you learn more about your customers and divide them into groups so you can target them with ads. If you want to sell men’s shaving cream, your target segments should therefore be men in several age groups, It would be pointless to have women in that category. That’s what a segment is for.

There are two main types of segments available on Convertedin: 

1) Pre-defined Segment: This includes 27 user segments such as high-spending customers, low-spending customers, idle customers, one-time shoppers, loyal customers…etc.

2) Dynamic/Generated Segment: These segments are generated based on data available from your business’s website.

Each product in your store will have the following three main segments:

1- Customers who bought the product

2- People who added the product to their cart but didn’t buy

3- Customers who are likely to buy from you based on Convertedin’s AI recommendation engine.

So, for example, if your business sells shampoos for colored hair, each shampoo product will have the above-mentioned three segments. Once you have created your segments, it’s time to take them to the next level which is transforming them into an audience that can be used in ads. With Convertedin, this process is automated as well.


Since the app is activated on your store, and you registered an account through ExpandCart, your items will be synced automatically and you will be able to check through the "Catalogs" tab, if you want to check the items and disable any one of them, you will need to click on "Show details" button as shown below:

Now, you can start generating audiences, segments, lookalike audiences, and create campaigns and ads as simple as that with Convertedin.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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