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Control Stock Quantity App

This app allows merchants to limit product quantity per day, merchants can manage the number of products sold daily, and assign a stock quantity to the weekdays.

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How to Install the app
App setup through the product page
How to Install the app:

Go to apps and services from your store dashboard. Search for Control Stock Quantity App, then access the app to install it.

Once you have installed the app, you will be able to access its settings. Simply, enable the app’s status, then click on the Save button:

App setup through the product page:

Upon accessing the product page, you will notice a new section has been added, which is the Stock Forecasting. Simply, add the quantity, then attach a day for its availability:

You can add a specific quantity for each day:

Once you have specified product quantities for each day, for instance, 10 products on Sunday, the product will be unavailable after the 10 units are purchased on that day, and the product will be available again starting from the next day.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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