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Affiliate Promo Code App

A perfect incentive to get more sales. Get more from your loyal affiliates than just sharing your products! Engage them in the growth of your sales by distributing unique traceable promo codes.

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App installation and setup
How affiliates can add promo codes

The following features are available in the app:

Store owners can set the maximum fixed/percentage discount affiliate can create
Affiliates can create fixed/percentage promo codes from their affiliate accounts
Affiliates can show/trace created codes from affiliate accounts
Affiliates can edit/delete their own codes
Store owners can control/trace all promo codes

App installation and setup

To install the app, go-to apps, and services from your store dashboard, search for Affiliate Promo Code and activate it. Once you have installed the app, you will be able to access its settings. Which is divided into (Settings, Promo code list)

The settings include 9 sections as follows:

1- Status: Make sure the app status is enabled.

2- Affiliates can't create coupons:        

3- No Tracking required: When this option is enabled, marketers will be able to create discount coupons.

4- Affiliates can only create Promo code & type & discount

5- Affiliate can’t create promo (Type and discount)

6- Maximum percent discount affiliate can create: You can specify the maximum percentage that an affiliate can activate on a product through this field.

7 - Maximum fixed discount affiliate can create: From here determine the maximum value that an affiliate can apply to a product.

After you've finished adjusting the app's settings, be sure to hit the save button.

Promo code list:

Through this section, you will be able to see all the promo codes details such as (Affiliate, promo code, type, and discount)

How affiliates can add promo codes

Once the affiliate logs into their account, they will have an additional section which is (add promo code)

The affiliate can access this section and add the promo code, choose whether it is a percentage or a fixed value, then adds the discount. If they added a percentage or value greater than the one we specified, the following message will appear.

Once they have added the promo code, the following message will appear stating that it has been added but is pending your approval.

You can then go to marketing, then discount coupons, and activate the promo codes that the affiliate has added.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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