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Advanced Reward Points App

This app will help you maintain the loyalty of your customers by adding rewards points to their accounts, which can be used in exchange for discounts on their purchases. You can add reward points based on several factors such as. Shopping Cart size, The total purchase price. Or depending on the products and departments that the customer is purchasing from. You can also add reward points to all products.

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Customer Behavior Rules
Shopping cart earning rules
Catalog Earning Rules
Spending Rules
Transaction History 

After you have installed the app following the below steps, you will be able to access its settings:


Make sure that the status is enabled,  In the Points/Currency Exchange Rate Filed, the reward point value is set against the store's default currency. For example, if the exchange rate of the reward points against the currency is 1/100 and the price of the product is 10 pounds, then the customer will need 1000 points in order to be able to buy this product and so on. In the Unit name of reward points, you can specify the name by which the rewards points will appear for customers on the storefront in both languages. Specify the status that the order must reach in order for the points to be added to the customer. You can enable or disable the display of the reward points on the product display pages or the order detail pages.

Customer behavior rules:

Through the Customer behavior rules section, you can enable your customers to receive reward points when they make certain interactions on your store, your customers can get reward points when (creating a new account, subscribing to the newsletter, or when posting a review) You can also specify the total points that will be added to the customer for each interaction by clicking on the three bars to the right side of the option and then (Edit)

From here you can modify the name of the interaction, enable or disable this interaction ... select the customer group, then enter the number of points the customer will get once they have made this interaction.

Shopping cart earning rules:

If you would like reward points to be given to your customers based on the total amount of their cart or the number of products, you can do so from the Shopping cart earning rules. Through this section, you will be able to adjust the points settings that will be added to customers based on several conditions related to the shopping cart. Click on (Add a Rule) 

You will be directed to the page below,  Write down the name and description of the rule. Make sure the status is enabled. Choose the group of customers who can benefit from this rule, and specify a start and end date for this condition, if applicable. Through the conditions section, add the conditions that must be met in order for the customer to obtain points. When you click on the add sign, choose one of the conditions to be added, for example, you can specify the condition as the total amount. You will be able to insert the amount that the shopping cart must reach to add the reward points. In the Actions section, in the Apply field: Specify whether you want to apply a fixed point value to the total basket size. In this case, you will choose (fixed reward points for per item, x). Or, you can specify that rewards point to be added based on the amount spent. In this case, we will choose (spend y and get x reward points per Item. Reward points ( are determined based on the value of the amount of money that the customer spent. You can enable or disable other rules to be applied in addition to this one.

Catalog Earning Rules:

If you wish to apply the reward points when customers purchase from a specific category or when they purchase specific products, you can do so through the Catalog Earning Rules section. Click on Add Rule.

Tou will be directed to the page below. We will follow the same rules as we have in the Shopping cart earning rules section. In the conditions section, specify the condition, for example when choosing the category option, you will be able to specify which category customers must purchase from in order to obtain the reward points ... then choose whether you want a fixed number of reward points to be added for each product that is purchased, In this case, fixed reward points will be chosen for each product X, or you can determine the points based on the amount spent, and in this case, we will choose to spend Y get X reward points per item.

Spending Rules:

Through this section, you can specify certain rules to allow customers to spend the points that they got based on these rules only, which means, customers will not be able to redeem these points except through the rules that you will add in this section.

For example, you can add a rule that these points are only to be redeemed on specific products or categories.

Transaction History:

From this section, you will be able to view all the reward points related to transactions that have been made in your store.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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