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Advanced Product Attributes App

Advanced Product Attributes app enables you to create a set of advanced attributes that you can use while listing products:

To add the advanced attributes, we will need to install its app first by accessing the "Apps & Services" tab located in the dashboard as follows:

Once we find the app, we can click on it and install it. We will make sure that its status is enabled in the settings:

Afterward, you will create an attribute group and set a name for it in each language activated on your store:

Once we have an attribute group, we will be able to add an advanced attribute to it referring to the "Advanced Attributes" tab as follows:

When we edit or add a new attribute we will have the following options:

1- The Attribute name in each language activated in the store.

2- The attribute group we want to attach the attribute to.

3- The attribute order in the group in case we added more than an attribute to an item in the same group.

4- The attribute logo.

5- The type, whether we want it to be a Text, Dropdownor a Multiple Choice Dropdown.

Then we will make sure to click on the Save button.

Please note that you can set as many attributes as you want, in this example, we set two attributes (Battery and Android version) under one attribute group called Specifications. Now we have set the attributes, how can we add them to an item and set their values/names according to the item? It's very simple, we will open the product's page and refer to the attributes section, and type to search for an existing advanced attribute to add it to the product as shown below:

After selecting the advanced attributes we want, we will set its value (We can type a text in the value field if the attribute requires that) in each language activated in the store.

Once we follow the above steps and click on the Save button in each step, the product page will be updated and look like the one below:

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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