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Advanced Multi Merchant app

Q: I want to know the properties of Advanced Multi Merchant existing inside the dashboard?

Expandcart platform Launched an application called Advanced Multi Merchant, In order to develop the first version of the Multi Merchant Marketplace App and added many advantages to it, this app takes your multi-merchant market to the next level. where it includes many features, As follows:

Full messaging system between merchants and buyers

Contact sellers for price instead of adding to the cart

Sellers can create custom invoices and make them available for buyers to pay

Ability to specify price range for quantity range

Through this article, we will show you an explanation on how to activate the app and do the settings

In order to activate the app, please go from the control panel of your store to apps and services and then click on the install icon

After installing the application, you will be logged into the app page, which is divided into two parts:

Part I: Status

This part includes the following fields:

Field 1: Status

Through this tab, you can disable or enable the app on your front store and must be activated in case you want to run the app on the products pages dealers at your online

Field two: Messaging Seller

Through this tap, your online store customers will be able to send merchants directly. After activating this box inside the app settings, your store customers will be seen on the product page an icon called the seller info. , when clicked on it will show his data, and thus the buyer can know more information about the seller such as location, company name, the total number of sales, the total number of products he owns inside the site ,,, etc.

Third Field: Replace Add to Cart

By enabling this tap, your store customers can contact the seller directly instead of adding the product to the shopping cart, where they can communicate with the merchant before completing the order process. There will be an icon called messaging the seller on the product page

We want to note that the customer must have an account in this site in order to communicate with the merchant.

The following image to clarify about the second and third field

Four Field: Replace contact form

When this tap is activated, the normal contact form will be replaced from store managers to contacting the supplier or merchant

five Field: Custome Invoices

When this tap is activated, the merchant can create a special invoice for a particular customer.

The following image for clarification after activating all the taps for the first part

Part II: Setting

This part includes a single tap which is Custome Invoice Order Status, where through this tap you can choose the status of the invoice request of the product when the customer completes the order.

This tap includes many options, you can choose the appropriate case according to the purchase policy of your online store such as Pending, processing, etc.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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