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Abandoned Cart Recovery App

By installing this app you can send customers notifications that encourage them to complete checkout and increase conversion rates.

Recover your abandoned carts by sending personalized emails to your customers. Abandoned Carts are a huge and easy opportunity to convert visitors to buyers for online stores. Over 70% of customers abandon their carts with the intention to come back and complete their orders. That is an easy win and easy to recover revenue for your online store.

In this article:

How to use the App
Automatic Emails

The following features are available in the app:

Review a full list of abandoned carts that was done in your store.
Review the details of the order for each abandoned cart.
Recover abandoned carts by sending recovery emails to all or selected abandoned cart customers.
Smart recovery emails that include parameters to make emails personalized.
Abandoned cart historical report to show you the efficiency of your abandoned cart recovery emails.

How to use the App:

1- Go to the "Apps and services" section through the dashboard and search for the app and install then click on "Add Setup":

2- Once you open the app, a detailed list that includes the abandoned carts/incompleted orders will be shown as follow:

3- You can search for any customer or order using the normal search or even the advanced search:

Customer: The customer's name is registered. 
Products: The orders that contain the product you will choose.
Emailed Orders: You can select to show the emailed orders only or all orders.
Date Added: We can select the date we want the orders placed within to be shown.
Total: Filter the orders based on the orders' total amount.

4- We can send emails to the customers who left their carts, be referring to the following button:

We will be able the following variables as well if we're going to send an email to more than one customer:

The variables related to the customer information will be applied only in case the customers have an account already in your store.

5- You can export the abandoned carts details into a PDF, Excell file, or a CSV file:

6- You can hide any column or make it visible referring to this button:

7- These two buttons allow you to merge any selected orders into one order or delete them:

Please note that you will not be able to undo both actions once they're done.

Automatic Emails:

Previously, in this article, we've known how to send an email to the customers with left carts. In addition to that, you have an option to send automated Emails to them customized by you and you can time it based on your preferences! Once you install the app and activate its status you can enable the following button:

Now, before clicking on the Save button, customize the E-mail message that will be sent after the hours you set by clicking on the "Customize Email" button:

You can use the variables inside the message and you will be able to add any HTML content to it, once you finish, make sure to click on the Save button. If you enabled the automatic E-Mails, the visitors (not signed-in customers) of your store will be asked about their Email and Phone number before they proceed to check out:

That will make sending the visitors an Email message for their left carts possible.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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