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tabby: Buy now, pay later, or split your purchase into monthly installments

In this article, we will outline the required steps to integrate tabby as a payment gateway into your store in ExpandCart. If the customer fulfills the criteria needed such as choosing KSA/UAE/Bahrain/Kuwait as the country of destination, will be able to choose one of the tabby's payment methods.

In this article:

Installation guide
Customer interface
tabby interface

Installation guide

1- Go to settings and click on Payment:

2- Choose the Third-Party Payment Providers and find tabby as follows:

3- Get started:

4- If you don’t have a tabby account after the previous step, you will be redirected to this page to create a tabby account first, if you have an account, just click on “Yes, I have an account” and you will be redirected to the following page:

Firstly, make sure to enable the payment gateway status and the below switches will be enabled by default (They let customers know that they can pay with tabby later or in installments). The public and secret keys can be found on your tabby account, copy and paste them in their fields. Then Choose the tabby account currency which can only be SAR or AED, choose the Geo zone (The area the tabby payments will be available in) keeping in mind that tabby is only supported in KSA/UAE/Bahrain/Kuwait, you can create a dedicated geo zone for them (To know more about Geo zones, please search it in our help center), finally select the status (Don't choose complete as a status, it's recommended to choose pending) of the orders that will be placed with tabby as a payment method. Once you click on the Save/install button, the tabby payment methods will be applicable in your store.

Customer interface

That's how tabby will appear on the products page:

If tabby is supported in the country of destination (The Geo zone you set), the customer will have the following options while checking out:

After choosing one of the tabby payment methods and clicking on "Confirm Order", customers will be redirected to the tabby check out page to provide their information such as their id, phone number, and E-mail to complete the order:

If customers chose the installments option, the tabby check-out page will look like that: 

Once the customer completes the order successfully, the order will be placed normally and the order's status will be the one you chose while installing the payment method in ExpandCart.

tabby interface

When an order is completed with a tabby as a payment method, it will appear like this in your tabby account:

After changing the order's status to complete through ExpandCart dashboard, the status on tabby will be changed too as follows:

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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