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PayPal allows payment through credit cards, bank accounts, or PayPal account balances. You can use PayPal as a payment provider for customer checkout and processing for your ExpandCart store.

Important notes:

- In case of any pending payment or unshipped products, buyers/customers can cancel the order from their PayPal account directly without contacting you.

- Please make sure you have the USD currency added to your store when you activate PayPal.

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Set up PayPal
Configure PayPal setting

PayPal is one of ExpandCart's default payment providers. and it enables you to add it as a payment option on the checkout page and it also can be used as a quick-check-out option on the product page.

Set up PayPal

1- Go to setting then payment:

2- Activate PayPal:

3- Once you click on activate PayPal you will be directed to connect your PayPal account:

After clicking on connect account a pop up will open and you will have two options:

1- Use your already-created PayPal account's email.

2-Sign up  to create an account by putting your email fill in the needed data and connecting it:

After connecting your account you will receive a verification email you need to go to your email and click on the verification link, once you verify your account you will be directed to confirm agreeing to link account:

Configure PayPal setting

1- Account Info: Add your PayPal account email and your merchant ID

2- App Status: Use the toggle button to view or hide PayPal as a payment option on the checkout page.

3- Smart viewing button:

Displaying in the product page: this enables you to show PayPal as a quick check-out option on the product page.
 Button color: let you choose the quick check out button color

4- Mapping orders statuses: This is where you map which status is for which case, what will the order status be if payment is successful and what shall it be if payment failed or is pending.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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