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MyFatoorah v2 Installation guide

In this article, we will outline the required steps to integrate MyFatoorah as a payment gateway into your store in ExpandCart:

1- Go to settings, then Payments:

2- Find Myfatoorah by using the search bar:

3- Get started:

4- Click on “Proceed”:

5- If you don’t have a MyFatoorah account, you can click on the left button and a pop-up will appear to fill in your data, if you have an account, just click on “Yes, I have an account”:

6- Please select V2 in the version field:

7- Finally, please fill the token field with your live MyFatoorah Token after choosing the “Live” option in the “Gateway Mode” drop-down menu, you can select the default status of the order you want it to be shown once a customer places an order using MyFatoorah as a payment gateway as well as the tax calculation when using MyFatoorah, weather “On Items Only” or "Including the fees of payment method and charged of shipping".

Finally, After clicking on the “Install App” button on the lower-right corner, MyFatoorah will be listed in your Payments Gateways.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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