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ExpandPay: How to subscribe and install

ExpandPay is one of ExpandCart's big assets that was created to help merchants easily have a gateway to collect payments online, ExpandPay makes you avoid third parties and have all that is needed to complete your order fulfillment cycle in one platform.

If your business is not registered you can just activate online payment it by submitting your national ID.

Cash-out with a minimum of 250 LE, the lowest there is.

Transaction fees: 2.75% + 3 EGP

In this article:

Install ExpandPay
Documents needed
Configure your setting

Install ExpandPay

By going to setting then payment, you can find ExpandPay shown on the top of the page which you can kick start activating it by clicking on "Activate payment credit card method"

2-Put your email and click on next to receive the verification code put the code and confirm to go to the next step.

3-Now choose:

1-the country where your business is based

2-the type of business whether it is a registered or non-registered business 

4-Now you have an account with ExpandPay, FIll your registration info. You just need to fill in the bank information which will be used in the payment gateway for transactions, cashing out, etc.

Upload your documents

Now based on your business type choice you will be asked to upload your legal documents;

If it is a non registered business you will just need:

Upload a copy of the back and front of your National  ID.

If it is a registered business you will need to upload all the docs including the

Commercial license.
Signature authentication.
The National ID. Once, you upload the documents and submit your application it will take up to 2 business days to get feedback;
if the application is approved it will take you to the success page click on Enable ExpandPay to Configure your basic setting
if there is an issue with the docs you will be asked to try to upload the docs again  
Configure your setting

Now you the application is approved and the payment gateway is activated you will find the below setting:

1-Bank account info which you will receive the payments on,if you need to make any changes in the bank account information, kindly contact us.

2-by default, the payment gateway will be enabled to be view on your checkout.

3-Map order statuses; What status should be assigned to the order by default if the payment is successful and what shall it be if the payment failed.

Now, you have installed and set up, to know how to manage ExpandPay payments, please visit this article.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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