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You can access the Returns page through the Orders page then Returns:

Create Return:

You can create a return referring to that button as shown below:

Bulk Actions:

1- You can select the Returns you want to delete and click on that button to delete them with one click.

2- After selecting the Returns you want to export, after clicking on that button you will be able to export them in your preferred form:

3- Column visibility, Through that button, we can select the columns we want to be visible on the Returns page:

Opening the Return page to check its details and edit it:

You need to click on the Return ID to open the Return’s page as follows:

You can check the Return details (Return reason, Order ID, customer’s information, and the products customer want to return) once you open its page:

You can refer to the below row in the above screenshot to check the date the return was added and the last date it was modified, for more details about the return history we can refer to the Order History box on the same page:

Through the Return Details section, we can change the Return’s status and notify the customer about the change if we want to.

Finally, we can edit the return information or even deleting it by referring to these buttons in the top-right corner of the return page.

Note: Once you delete the Return you will not be able to undo this action.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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