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Finding specific order/orders

We have two ways to find an order, the normal search and, the advanced search. 

Normal Search:

You can use it to find an order using the customer’s name, phone number or, order ID as follows:

Advanced Search:

Using the advanced search will let you filter your order based on many things, you can use one or more of them to find the orders you want.

1- Select the status of orders you want to find.

2- You can choose the customer name through that field.

3- You may select the products that you want to check the orders they were placed in.

4&5&6-  You can find the orders by selecting the country, zone and, city of destination.

7- The Order status whether the order was modified before or not:

8- You may specify the period you want to find the orders placed at by that field:

9- You can filter the orders by their paid amount, once you select a range the orders placed within that range will appear.

10- To make the archive orders visible, you will need to enable the “Archived orders only” switch, once you click on it the archived orders will be shown.

Finally, please note that you can use all of them at the same time or only use one of the functions, based on your desire.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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