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How can I see product returns customers from my store and how to handle them?

In this article, we will explain how to retrieve the product on your store and how to view requests of refunds from inside the store control panel :

In the beginning, your customer must have an account on your store so that he or she see Order History and then retrieve the order and can write down product information and reason for the refund.

After logging into the store, will show account customer page, which through it accessed at View your order history which contains the product orders ordered by the account holder, and then click on the view icon,,,, the next picture for clarification

After pressing at view icon will show the details of the order ,,,then click at Return icon ,,, the next picture for clarification

After clicking on Return icon order will appear with you the Form of the product returned which through it fill details of the request with information about the product and the reason for retrieval and whether the product was opened or not? With the possibility to add details or other defects and then finally enter the verification code of the form then click on the continue until the product has Return number,,, The following images for clarification

After clicking on the continue, the return request will be sent to the department store. The customer will be answered within 3 business days to see the following procedures.
manager of store will Login on the control panel and going into return icon to see the return  through done by customer and follow up the request and tell your store customer the latest update at the request ,,, going from control panel into orders then returns and then click on Icon three points on the request to be checked and choose preview ,,, the next image for clarification

After clicking on preview, the details of the return of the request are viewed as including the Return Reasons, Order ID, the Customer's Name, E-mail, the telephone number, the product name, the product was opened or not, Details returns, History, the following picture for clarification

Through this page, the order is processed by the return details icon where the status can be changed from Awaiting products to be Pending or completed according to the latest update with the customer with the possibility of alerting the customer with each change happening on the return status and then pressing at Add History,, with the possibility to write any comment on this request the following picture for clarification

After updating the order into complete the change will be on the history and will appear with you the update on the history icon,,, which shows that the product has been received and the customer notified, the next picture to clarify

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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