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Orders Page Details

In this article, we will outline the Orders page located in the dashboard.

After a customer places an order, it appears on the Orders page, you can access the page from the dashboard as follows:

We can take the following actions on the Orders page: 

Advanced search:

You can find an order by its details through this function.

We can review the archived orders in the advanced search by enabling the following switch:

Export & Import:

Through the following buttons we can import orders in an excel sheet, or export your orders to a one:

We can create an order from scratch through the following button:

In the rest of the article we will show you how to be benefited from each one of the following buttons:

1- Column visibility:

Through that button we can select the columns we want to be visible on the Orders page:

2- Mass Edit:

Through that button you can change a group of orders’ status with one click, you will be able to choose the status you want to change the orders’ status to from the pop-up window will be shown once you click on the “Mass Edit” button. You can notify the customers by clicking on the below checkboxes:

3- Merge Orders:

You can merge two orders or more after selecting them by clicking on the “Merge” button, after clicking on it the orders’ products will be merged into one order, the customer’s information in his/her latest order will be used in case they were different in the merged orders.

4-  Archive:

You can archive an order or more through this button after selecting the orders you want to archive.

5- Delete:

You can delete an order or more in the same way by clicking on the “Delete”  button.

6- Print Orders: 

You can print the orders invoices you want in any language activated in your store by using that button.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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