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Manage Order Status

With this app, you can give access to your customers to cancel their orders from their end based on the order status and show the Re-Order button for customers so they can easily place the same order effortlessly. You can manage which orders should appear in the archived (Completed) orders list on the storefront too.

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Manage Order Cancellation
Manage Re-Ordering
Manage Archiving Orders

Firstly, once you install the app from the Apps & Services page and open its page, you will be directed to the app settings page, make sure to enable its status as follows in order to use it:

Manage Order Cancellation:

From this part, you can allow customers to cancel the orders and then add at least one of the order statuses that customers will be allowed to cancel from their end. Finally, choose the status of the order that the order will be turned to when the customers cancel it. After saving the app settings and enabling the cancel option, If the order status can be canceled from the customer end the following button will appear to the customer and can click on it and cancel the order directly:

Manage Re-Ordering:

From here, you can enable the Re-Order button on the customer end and select the order statuses that can be Re-Ordered. When enabled the following button will appear to your customers:

Upon clicking on it, the customer will be redirected to the checkout page to re-place the order directly.

Manage Archiving Orders:

The archived orders are the orders listed in the part of the completed orders on the My Orders page on the storefront:

The order statuses that you won't choose will be listed under the current orders list:

When enabling the archived or completed orders, make sure to select the order statuses that should be listed below them. Lastly, Make sure to click on the Save button once you're done.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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