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Orders Settings

Through this section, you can adjust and modify the order settings by going to Settings, then Orders. 

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Order settings at store
Manage orders on dashboard
Customize orders statuses
Returned orders

Order settings at store:

This section contains the following settings which you can enable or disable based on your preferences such as Display Weight on Cart Page - Display Order Added Popup - Hide shipping from the cart:

Manage orders on dashboard:

Order Editing: You can specify the number of days allowed to modify the order so customers can request to modify the order during this period only.

Limit Dashboards: When this option is enabled, only completed orders will be reflected in the analytics section in your store dashboard.

Hide country code in order page: When this option is enabled, the country code will not be displayed next to the phone number on the order information page.

Show archived orders in customer order history: When this option is enabled, all customer's orders will be displayed in the order history of that particular customer, including archived ones.

Customize product's fields in order's product table: When you leave this option as (default), the default data will be displayed such as (Name -Product Image - Model - Price - Quantity and Total) you can change the status from (Default) to (Custom) and then use the (Choose Fields) menu below this option to select only the data that will be displayed.

Customize orders statuses:

Order Status: From here, you can set the order status once a customer has processed an order.

Order Status after Shipping: Set the default order status when an order is shipped and money is collected.

Order Status Ready for Shipping: Set the default order status when an order is ready to be shipped.

Complete Order Status: Set the order status the customer's order must reach before they are allowed to access their downloadable products and gift vouchers.

Canceled Order Status: Set the order status in case of an order is canceled by the admin. It returns product quantities of canceled orders if their stock is able to be subtracted.

Canceled Reversal Order Status: Set the order status in case of the admin cancels the reversal order. It returns product quantities of order if their stock is able to be subtracted.

Order statuses to track: Select the order statuses you wish to track through this section.

Customize Orders Status & Orders Workflow: When you click on this option, you will be directed to the following page:

Through this page, you will be able to customize and add statuses for (Orders - Inventory - Returns - Returns Procedures - Reasons for Returns) You can add the name of the status in all languages enabled on your store, assign a color to it, and then click the save button.

Returned orders:

Return Terms: Select the terms that customers must agree on before a return account can be created.

Return Status: Set the default return status when a return request is submitted.

Return Type: Specify whether its a return or cancel type

Return/Cancel Limit: Set the default return/cancel the number of days limit that a customer can return/cancel their orders within.

Limit Unit: You can change the unit of the limit to hours, meaning that the number written in the previous field will be calculated in hours, not in days.

Disabled order return with status: select order status that will prevent the customers from logging a return order request.

Select when to update products' quantity in orders' returns: You can select the status that product quantity will be updated when an order reaches this specified status.

Activate product quantity updating: You can activate or disable the update of the number of products in cases of returned orders.

Note: Make sure to click on the "Save" to apply any of the changes you made:

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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