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Media Manager

Media Manager is a tool that can ease your work on your Store. You can add all your product media, create folders for each product and category. Also, you can easily link the product to its image automatically when uploading the images. You can access the media manager tool by going to customize store then media manager:

1- This is the Back/Up button if you wish to go one step back from the page you are currently on.

2- Refresh button, to refresh the page, for the changes you have made to be reflected.

3- Upload button: click on it to choose the images you wish to upload.

4- click on the folder button to create a new folder.

5- Deletion button. Select the data which you wish to delete then click on the delete button.

6- Link images button: this button will only be enabled after you have selected an item. Then the following options will appear:

You can now link the selected images to a specific product as the main or sub-image. In order for the linking process to be completed, you will need to name the image as (SKU_Product name). For example, if the product SKU is (2186) and the product name is: Apple iPhone 6S. Then the image name should be (2186_Apple iPhone 6S):![](

7- This is a search tool that can be used to find a certain image or folder.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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