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In this article, we will outline the available options on the "Templates" page we can access from the "Customize Store" drop-down menu located in the dashboard.

1- We can check the applied template through this part.

2- Through this button, we will be able to customize our current template.

3- When we click on that button, any edits we made on the template will be removed, and the applied template will be reset to its default version.

4- We can filter the templates through these options based on your products, the ones that suit your products will be shown below once you select an option.

5- If you have your own template and you want to use it instead of the ones we provide, you can upload it through this button. You can use our customized template "Wookiee Custom Template" and program it/bring edits into it before uploading it to your store as follows:

Download the files into a folder called "wokiee".
Remove the ".git" hidden folder if it exists.
Compress the folder to "".
Import "" to your store in ExpandCart.

6- As long as the template is not applied, we can click on that button to apply it.

7- If we want to preview the template if first before applying it, we will click on the "Live Preview" button.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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