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Footer (New Editor)

You can modify the sections at the bottom of the main page (website footer) through this section, which contains (About us, Social Media, Menu 1, Menu 2, Contact Info, copyright, Payment methods)

About us:

It is displayed at the right section at the bottom of the page, through which you can add the name of the store and a summary description of your store and what you can offer to customers.

Social Media:

You can add the links to store accounts on social media to direct customers to your social media accounts when clicking on each of these links.

Menu 1:

Includes the important links related to your store, such as About Us and Contact Us links. You can always edit the title and the links depending on your desire.

Menu 2:

Similar to what is included in Menu 1. You can also modify the title and what is included depending on your preferences. Just add the title and the link for the page which customers will be directed to when clicking on each of the titles added.

Contact Us:

Contains the contact information which is displayed in the footer of the website, such as the physical address of your store, email and phone number that the customers can use to contact customer service, and so on.


Through this section, you can add the text or the trademark for your business that helps in giving credibility and proves your ownership of the store.

Payment methods:

Through this section, you can add the enabled payment methods to your store by adding a picture and a link to the payment method so that customers can quickly check the payment methods available to them.![](

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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