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How can I shared my store products via social networking accounts?

Inside the product page on the storefront there are icons of share social communication which through it can promotion and advertising of these products,,, We will show you through this article on how to share your products through social networking icons,,,

In the product page, there are icons of social communication where contain the most important social networking companies including:

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, pinterest, LinkedIn, WhatsApp and can click on the icon + to add more icons of social networking, the following picture for clarification

If you want to promote the product through your account on Facebook, follow these steps :

Click on the Facebook icon that existing on the product page and then the participate page will be opening at your account on Facebook which can identify the participation of the promotion for all friends or to block certain friends from viewing this post via the Friends icon ,,, after Determine the appropriate choice and  Write a comment about this product in the box Say something about this Click on the icon Post to Facebook, Next image for clarification   

After clicking on the icon Post to Facebook the ad will be displayed on your page and all your friends on Facebook can see and write comments and share this announcement to other friends,,, the next image to clarify

If you want to promote the product through WhatsApp please following these steps :

Click on the WhatsApp icon that exists on the product page and then will show with you the page where you can send the product through your account 

After that, you will goهing into the page where you can connect the app to your computer via the steps shown in the picture

The last step will be the emergence all your friends who can determine what you want from friends then send a product link,,, the next picture for clarification

The product can be promoted by sending via your e-mail such as GMAIL through the following steps:

clicked on the E-mail icon that existing on the product page and then page will transfer into to the page which through it put the e-mail will be sent to and subject of the message will be placed with the possibility of placing all the information and ad details that you want in the E-mail box, the following images for clarification

you can promote The product through any other social networking icon as long as you have an account on it

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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