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Header (New Editor)

You can modify sections such as (Store logo, Fixed links, Links, Drop-downs) through the site header section.

Store Logo:

You can add the store logo to be displayed on the main page. Just add the store name and upload the store logo in both Arabic and English languages.

Fixed Link:

From here, you can add the fixed link which is displayed on the header of the main page.


These are the links that are displayed below the fixed link which you can change or modify as desired. Just add the link name and then add the category link in both languages. For instance, you can add a link to a category so that customers can go to this category page directly by clicking on it, and it can also be a link to general pages such as the Terms and Conditions page or about us.


This option enables you to add lists of the main categories of your store, from which the respective sub-sections can dropdown. For instance, the drop-down list here is (Home & Kitchen), which is a main category from which to drop its subsections. You can add more lists, either in the links or drop-down sections, by clicking (Add A Category or Section).

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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