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I want sample pages (shipping policy, terms and conditions, privacy policy ... etc to add at my store?

Through this article, we will attach you the sample pages files can be used and added to your store:

The samples will be divided into 6 sections, including the following:

1. About Us, About Store, Around Website

You can use any of the three expressions on your store, which through it expressed about the identity of store's and categories and information about the date of establishment of the store and the location of the store's headquarters and branches

one files will be attached with Arabic and English language to this first section About Us and the name can be changed as desired

2. Shipping and delivery policy

Within this page, you can include your shipping information and methods with clarifying that your first task is to offer your customers the best online shopping experience by facilitating the shipping and delivery process because your customer's satisfaction in delivering their products is among your priorities.

Two files will be attached with Arabic and English language to this second section Shipping and delivery policy and the name can be changed as desired

3. Returns and Refunds policy 

On this page, you can explain all the procedures and instructions that are taken to retrieve your store products to your customers Including the rights of the store and the customers

Two files will be attached with Arabic and English language to this third section Returns and Refunds and the name can be changed as desired

4. Terms and Conditions, Site Usage Agreement

Through this page, you can add information, terms and conditions, and a site usage agreement that includes many titles such as

Use of the Site, User Reviews, Approval of orders and Pricing Details, Trademarks and Copyright, Arbitration, Trademarks, and Copyright,

There will be 4 files attached: two Arabic and two English versions of this fourth section Terms and Conditions, Site Usage Agreement and the name can be changed as desired.

5. Privacy Policy, Privacy (Your Website Name)

inside this page, you can clarify that your store respects the privacy of customers and always seeks to protect their personal information 

3 files will be attached: three samples Arabic and three samples English in relation to this Fifth section Privacy Policy, Privacy (the name of your store) and can be renamed as desired

6. Affiliates program

In this page, you can explain that your site supports the Affiliate (Affiliate system is a system of sales versus commission, that allows visitors of your store to register on the system Affiliate to promote your products through a special link and then you send them commissions on the sale)

two files will be attached to Arabic and English in this sixth section Affiliates program and can change the name as desired   

You can view and download the attachments here.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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