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How can I order a product from my store and modification at it?

On your front store you can make any product ordered through the following steps:

Click on the product name or product image on the storefront until the details of the product are entered
After clicking on the name of the product, the details of the product page will be appears, which will include all the details of the product, pictures, product options, store customers Reviews on this product, the quantity of the product, add to wish list , add to comparison with other products, Product sharing on the social media, Add to cart icon, Next picture to clarify the details of the product in fully

After clicking on Add to cart icon you will appear a message that the product has been added to the shopping cart  ... Next image for clarification

You can click on the cart icon and it will show you two icons which are view cart and checkout, view cart means that you are given information about the name of selected product, product price, size, selected color, model, quantity: The quantity of the product can be Update the quantity of the product either as a decrease or an increase also from this page you can delete the product, also if you have a discount Coupon Code or gift voucher can be used within this page ... After reviewing all the data you can press at checkout,,, Next image for illustration

then will be showing with your checkout page which through it you enter your personal data and choose the appropriate shipping and payment method with you. also can write any notes with the order in its own field. Then click on * I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions and then click on Confirm Order,,, the following images for clarification

After clicking on confirming the order , a message will show that your order has been sent successfully,,,

To preview the order you have recently been able, going from the control panel to the orders then orders ... The application will appear with you on the page requests and can be viewed request and details or modification of data or delete it by clicking on the icon three points ... Next image for illustration

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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