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How can I modify the interface below my store front ?

This can be done through the advanced template editor by following these steps:

going from control panel into design then customize template and then inside the editor click at Footer Tap and then you will find the special settings of it and corresponding to the front store icons ... Next image for clarification 

Footer Sections it's including the following : 

Social Column Links: You can read the following article to find out how to add social media links below the store

2.First Column Links: Which contains the main Column Title with the possibility of placing Link Name with add Link expressing them ... Also, there is the possibility of not Display Column Title of the main column title ... Next images for clarification


Second Column Links: It contains the same setting as the first column with a different name of the main title of the column and its Links Name
Third Column Links: It contains the same setting as the first and the second column with the name of the main title of the column and its Links Name
Payment Methods Icons: which contain the special setting as an additional image of logo payment Method with the possibility of adding a link to it ... Next pictures for clarification

6.Copyrights: Through which you can add the terms of Copyright Information of your store with the existence of another Tap by Powered By Text ... The following images for clarification

to be able to create pages inside your store control panel and link them below your store  ... please read the next article


Save Icon: This icon means when you press at it means the amendments that have been made and applied and appear to Admin of the store only without publication and appearance to customers online ...

Publish Icon: This icon means when you click on it means to apply what has been saved previously to be published online on your store for your customers ...

You can see the following videos that were created to help you design   your store

In order to be able to set up an online store at the ExpandCard platform, please click on the link below

Also on the following link, you can know more about the prices of the packages with the applications attached to each one

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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