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How can I do reset factory settings to default current theme ?

Yes, it can be done,,, this feature exists within the templates page. 

You can restore the current templates of your store to the default mode ... where when you do reset factory settings or restore the template to the default mode, all the setting that was created in this template will be removed and will be returned as it was the first time ...

In order to restore the current template to the default mode:

going from the control panel into design then templates and then at the top of the page there is a button (reset current theme to the default ) when pressed it will appear with you a warning message to ensure that the completion of this process or not. 

Text of the message as follows: 

Resetting the template to default will rollback all the template settings, design settings, layouts, sliders, and banners to its default state. This action is not reversible.

Are you sure you want to reset the template to default?

When clicking on Reset to Default Mode the process will be done,,, when pressing Cancel will cancel the process ... Next images for clarification   

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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