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Customize template: Main Content

In this article, we will outline how to customize the main content in your template.

Firstly, we will click on Customize Template or Edit Your Template:

You will notice here that the page is divided into two parts. On the left, the control panel that enables you to control and modify everything related to the home page. The left side of the page is the live view of the home page, so you can preview the changes that you are making on spot:

The main content section contains (Banner, Products Collection, Products Collection, Featured Categories, Products Collection, Store Features):

Banner: The banner images should be high quality as it is reflected on the store homepage as shown in the following screenshot. Add the banner image here for customers using computers, and here for phone users. Make sure to add the images in both languages, then add the page link that customers will be directed to when they click on the banner:

Products collections: In the product collection section, you will be able to specify the section title, and control whether or not the section title appears. Through this section, you can select the category of products that will be displayed to customers, such as the latest products or featured products, and so on. You can specify the products from a specific category or specific products and also you can add specific text such as (view all) and then add the link to this text that customers will be directed to when clicking on this text:

Video: You can add an image to be displayed in this section and link it to the video link to display it on your store's home page. This video can be used as an advertisement for your store products, then the video link is added here:

Featured Category: Through this section, you will be able to add the featured categories in your store on the homepage to attract customers. There are two subsections within this section. There is a distinctive image added for each of these sections, and the link to the page that the customer will be directed to when clicking on each of these images.

Store Features: In this section, you will notice that it contains the first image, which is reflected here, the first address, which reflects the sentence worldwide shipping, and the first text, which is the text below the image and the address. This is reproduced in the second and third pictures.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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