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Customize Template: Header & Footer

The "Customize Template" page contains: (Header, Main contents, and Footer) In this article we will outline:

The Header
The Footer

1- The Header:

The Header contains 4 sections as it's shown in the below screenshot:

1- Store Logo:

As shown above, we can make a different logo for each language activated in our store, as well as choose between a text logo or an image, if we checked the "Text Logo" we can type the store name and it will be shown instead of the logo image:

Preferably, we can upload the logo image through the "Browse" button and uncheck the "Text Logo" box as follow:

To preview the logo, we will click on the "Save" button, if you like it, you can publish it in few seconds by clicking on the "Publish" button:

2- Fixed Links:

The fixed links are located in the list below the logo as shown below:

We can adjust its name from the "Items Name" field or its link which is the page the customer will be redirected to upon clicking on it, we can select one of the store's pages or put any other URL link we prefer.

We can add a new fixed link, edit it, delete it, or even change its place from the buttons shown below:

To preview the fixed link, we will click on the "Save" button, if you like it, you can publish it in few seconds by clicking on the "Publish" button:

3- Links:

We can add a link (Category) beside the fixed links referring to this button:

The link has to be one of our website's categories, once we add them we can click "Save" to preview the store, if we liked it, we can click on "Publish" and it will be published in a moment:

4- Dropdowns:

Through the "Dropdowns" you can add a drop-down menu to one of your main categories includes some of your store's sub-categories:

1- We can add a brief about the store purpose and its name to appear in the lower-left corner as shown in the following screenshot:

2- Below About us, we can our social media links as below and fill the field below each platform with the social media account/page's URL link as follow:

3- If we enabled Menu 1 we will be able to set a title for it and add links as shown below:

We can edit each link as follows:

4- If we enabled Menu 2, we can add another list that looks like Menu 1 to be located beside it:

5- We can add our contact info to appear in the lower-left corner as shown in the following screenshot:

6- If you've just launched a website, you should consider the possibility that someone might try to steal your content. Perhaps they will copy a photo that you use, or an animation, or even copy a body of text that you wrote for the site, therefore, we need to use this field to avoid such hassle.

A valid copyright notice contains three elements:

The copyright symbol ©, or the words "Copyright" or "Copr."
If the website is published, the year of publication.
The name of the copyright owner.

It is not required that these elements appear in any particular order in the notice, but most notices are written in the order set forth above. The purpose is to give unequivocal notice of the copyright protection so that the would-be thief cannot claim as a defense that he or she did not know about the protection.

7- It's better if the customer can know the available payment methods available on your store through the homepage, all you need to do is to add the payment method picture and the payment method URL link if desired:

Important notes:

1- You can adjust each field to be suitable with every language activated on your store by clicking on the following button:

2- We have to click on the save button so we don't lose any progress and to preview the changes we made, and in order to publish it for our customers we will click on the "Publish" button:

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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