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The Custom Code feature

In this article, we will explain the custom code feature located inside the store settings. The custom codes it's where you can add codes and scripts related to the store's analytics and security codes, you can add HTML, CSS, JAVA Scripts to modify some of your store's parts such as the font and the colors. It's necessary to have a coding background to use this feature, in case the code or the script was miswritten it could cause many technical issues, and if you're just copying an analytic code, just make sure to copy it properly and put it in its correct place whether it's the body or the head. 

To access the Custom Code page, please go to the store settings, then click on Custom Code as follows:

**1- Header Scripts:**

Through the Header Scripts box, you can add the scripts that need to go into the head section of your website/store, most of the codes are placed in the Header scripts box such as Google tag manager, Facebook pixel, Google AdSense, Zendesk Chat, Alexa rank, Google AdWords, Google analytics, etc.

Also, you can add codes for Facebook & WhatsApp chat icons and other social media, copyrights, Ads, colors code of the store, and more.

2- Body Scripts:

Through the body script box, you can add the scripts that need to go into the body section of your website/store, such as SSL certificates, gateway scripts, security programs such as McAfee, and other codes on the storefront's body:

Finally, After you have added any codes to the custom code page you must click on the Save button.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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