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How to activate emails and alerts after registering or making a new order

ExpandCart platform provides two ways to send alerts to customers and store owners

The first method

is through PHP mail, which is the traditional method. and in this case the system uses the registered email to send the alerts without logging in to the same e-mail, so the email may be delayed up to 24 hours or reach the spam folder and This depends on your email service provider, Image Attachment 1.1 to clarify the settings

Image 1.1 - Settings >> Advanced Settings >> Mail Server 

The Second Method :

Via Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP). This method sends faster and uses the login data into email for sending using username and password, so some mail service providers do not allow this feature like YahooHotmailZoho and some allow such Free and paid Gmail or subscription with one of the paid service providers such as this sites:

After registering on one of these sites and paying the subscription then access to their control panel to obtain the smtp data and insert it on your store as shown in picture 1.2 and picture 1.3

Image 1.2 shows the settings of Mailjet Transactional >> SMTP

Figure 1.3 shows how to active Simple Mail Send Protocol (SMTP) by the paid service providers

Alerts can also be activated via the free Gmail account as described in the next steps

1 - Register a free account on Gmail from next link :

Allow less secure applications to access the account from next link or as shown in Figure 1.4

Image 1.4 from Gmail Account - My Account >> Log In and Protection >> Lowest secure applications - My account - Signin

Note: Activation of this feature requires not activation entry feature In two phases, so if it is activated so canceled from the same panel.

3- Activate the POP / IMAP service from the email settings as shown in Figure 1.5 & 1.6

Image 1.5 Gmail settings:

Image 1.6 Gmail settings - Activate POP / IMAP service

4 - insert the gmail account data in the control panel as shown in Figure 1.7

Image 1.7 - Gmail settings inside the control panel

5 - Experience creating a new account or doing a new order and review your email and the mail sent from it as all sending mails from the site is saved copy in the sent mail in your account on the Gmail

Note: Google may send the confirmation message after this test to ensure the security of the account and in this case, press confirms to activation the service and advice to try again to confirm the settings.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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