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How can I subscribe to the g-suite service, and add into my domain data at ExpandCart?

You can sign up for G Suite to start using Gmail, Google Drive storage, Google Calendar, online documents, and Hangouts on video

And other collaborative services with your team or organization. You can sign up for a free trial with 10 users or fewer

You can open an account by the following link and fill in the required data

You will need to enter three subscription information

Your organization's domain name on the Internet

This should be the primary domain in which you plan to use Google services

Such as

Where is your unique name

a personal user name to use with the g suite services

The personal username in your domain that you will use with Google services ...

For example,,, You will use this name with a login password on g suite

And managed services for your organization. You will also use this name as your email address if you use Gmail

And with all your other services in g suite

Once you sign up for the service, we'll take you to the Google Admin console

You can verify domain ownership (if you subscribe to an existing domain)

As well as continue to set up services for users.

With the following images, you can access your account and extract the MIX

And added them to the domain data

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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