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Store currencies

You can add many currencies to your store easily, firstly, access the store currencies through the store settings:

This is a list of your store's currencies, including the store's default currency, to add a currency click on the Add New Currency button:

You will be directed to this page to add and set up the new currency settings:

Make sure that the status is “Enabled” then fill in the required fields.

Currency Title: For example, the Sterling Pound or Saudi riyal

Code: Go to this link to learn about the currencies and their corresponding Codes.

The symbol on left: Add the currency symbol here if you would like the currency symbol to appear on the left side of the price.

The symbol on right: Add the currency symbol here if you would like the currency symbol to appear to the right side of the price.

Decimal Places: Specify here the number of decimal values ​​for the price after the decimal point.

Value: Set the value of the default currency in the one you're adding, for example, if your default currency is EGP (Egyptian Pound) and you're adding GBP (British pound sterling), then the value of the currency you're adding (GBP) will be 0.0460 as follows:

Then click on the Save button, you can edit, delete or disable any of the added currencies as shown in the following screenshot:

To set a currency as a default currency after setting its value as 1.00, please go to Language & Region through the store settings:

Then select the default currency from here:

Finally, click on the Save button in the top-right corner.

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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