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How to link a free Gmail account with your store's mail server

You can activate sending notifications and alerts through a Gmail account following the outlined steps in this article:

1- You can create a free account through this URL link.

2- After creating the account, enter Gmail settings then security, and turn on the access to the less secure apps as follows:

You can access the less secure apps page directly from here.

To activate this service you need to disable the 2-step verification feature.
You will receive an email when allowing access to the less secure apps to review the activity, make sure to select the "Yes, it was me" option:

3- To link the email with your store to send the emails through it automatically, please go to the store's dashboard and click on the Settings then E-Mail Notifications and fill the field with your Gmail data as follows:

Mail Protocol: Choose STMP
SMTP Host:
Mail Parameters: The email address that the e-mails will be sent from, you can leave this field empty.
SMTP Username: The email address you just created.
SMTP Password: The password of the email address you just created.
SMTP Port: 587

4- After saving the filled data, make sure that the E-Mail address was linked properly to the store, you can go to "Marketing">>"Campaigns" select Customers in the To field then choose a customer to test it, write the subject, message, and then send it:

Finally, after testing it and making sure it works properly, you will receive an email that indicates blocking the activity you've just done, make sure to select that it was you, otherwise the email won't be sent and Expandcart's IP address will be blocked:

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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