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What's new in ExpandCart: May 2021

Because we always aim to support our users, we are constantly adding updates, features, and integrations to make the ExpandCart platform for creating online stores is unique for merchants who want to achieve success and growth. We are happy to bring you this month's platform updates

Store Designs Editor

One of the most important steps of launching a store is customizing the template design to suit your brand, adding brand colors, logo, and Ads banner images. That is why we launched a new version of the store design editor to solve some interaction problems and to suit merchants' needs where the speed of applying and publishing modifications.

Learn more about Store Designs Editor


Follow your store updates moment by moment, you will receive a notification with each new customer who registers, or receives a new order, and we also send you a daily alert about the number of pending orders that you need to handle. The notifications will help you manage your store very effectively.

By clicking on the notifications icon, the following sidebar will appear with your store notifications

WhatsApp chat

To communicate with your customers more effectively, we have added the feature of managing conversations to the WhatsApp application, through this feature, you can add a WhatsApp icon on your store to urge customers to communicate, and you can receive customer messages and respond to conversations from the ExpandCart dashboard, so you do not have to open the WhatsApp application besides ExpandCart dashboard.

Learn more about WhatsApp chat

Dynamic Discounts

Increasing conversion rate and boosting your sales are the most important KPIs for your business growth and as a success partner, we added an automatic discounts feature.

Merchants can create automatic discounts as a

Fixed amount
Percentage discount
Free shipping
Buy X get Y promotion

With automatic discounts, The customer doesn't need to enter a discount code to get discounts, where the discount is calculated dynamically upon fulfillment of the discount terms. For an automatic discount to apply correctly, your customers need to add all eligible items to their carts before they move to checkout. This includes the items that they need to buy to qualify for the discount as well as the items that they get as part of the promotion.

Learn more about Dynamic Discounts

New store language - Kurdish

Adding the Kurdish language as one of the languages available in the store, which gives merchants the ability to expand to new customer segments.

To add it, you should navigate to( Language & Regions Settings>>Manage Languages) then Add New Language

Sellers Delivery Slots

The store owner is able to allow sellers to define their delivery schedule, define the number of orders to each date and time, and allow Customers to choose delivery date and time when placing an order

Learn more about Sellers Delivery Slots

Auto Approval Of Products Reviews

Giving merchants the ability to displaying customer reviews on the product automatically upon customers' submission, or after reviewing with manually approve. You can access the button through Settgins>>Product Settings

Learn more about the Reviews


Increase Sales using Social Proof Notifications, Sales Pop, Promotion pop-ups, and more with TrustRol.

Learn more about TrustRol

Stay tuned, many features are in progress. Feel free to submit your suggestions

Updated on: 23/01/2023

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